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Alan Marcinek: Bio

It began on a cold windy night in Mokena, IL. and my mother was in labor. I didn't want to waste any more time hanging out in there as I needed to be free..... (Rumor has it that at that time in the Church the changes of Vatican II began to be made, and the stress of all that going on, put my mother into labor. My parent's Joan & Norber Marcinek took a not so quick trip drop off Celeste and Mark at Grandma Irene and Grandpa Frank's house in Cicero, IL before heading to Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge. (Good Catholic being born in a Lutheran Hospital - can you believe it...) Of course it came accompanied with police escort by the Cicero please my mother's uncle happened be high up in the force...

About a month later as most Parents were required to do, I was baptized in what is now the Gymnasium for St. Mary's Catholic Church in Mokena, IL. See website... looks like a great parish.... (To think I probably had influence on its future...) see link.

In 1968 me and the family moved to Phoenix, AZ to blister in the heat.... to suffer.... and blister... and suffer... pretty much that's what there was in Arizona at the time to keep you entertained... that and the ultra-conservative-right-wing... that's a whole other story.... I'll get off that subject...

I come from a musical family... Mother is a fine pianist, and good Alto... My Father is a great Baritone. But cannot read a note to save his life. My older sister Celeste played violin for a few years and was pretty good at it. My brother Mark played Trumpet and Coronet, he went through his garage band stage.... and they were pretty bad... Both of them had to take 2 years of Organ lessons.. After many years of begging for a piano and piano lessons, at the age of 12 I finally convinced my parents that I really wanted to learn how to play. On February 13, 1978 I began playing Mass at St.. Helen's Catholic Church in Glendale, AZ. In the fall of my 8th grade year, a year in which I despised my teacher and my teacher despised me.
The opportunity came up for me "sing" in the 8th grade choir. I used this basically to get out of Study Hall. It turned out that I enjoyed it thouroughly and decided to sing and play piano.

TBC I hope to finish this soon.... 2/1/2008